About Us

Ancestral Vision Movement is a Filipinx American dance company that bridges the diaspora to their respective roots in the motherland through dance, music, and holistic movement. We aim to achieve liberation through our bodies and make movement accessible to all people.

Community Workshops
Ancestral Vision Movement provides weekly community workshops taught by facilitators both in house and out. Our workshops center on movement work and provide the space for participants to be present in their bodies, learn new styles and techniques, and heal. Some workshops we provide are:
- Yoga
- Whacking
- House
- Hip Hop
- Freestyle
- Conditioning/Strength training
- Filipino Martial Arts

Social, Emotional, Artistic, Professional Development
Ancestral Vision Movement develops our community of artists, company members, and leaders by providing a monthly in-house platform for open dialogue & continued learning by exploring issues affecting the Filipinx and allied communities. Geared towards continual professional, artistic, emotional, and social growth and through vulnerability & process, AVM has designed an awareness-oriented space for empathic practice focused on listening, sharing, & participating in practices that assist in the strengthening and building of community integrity, non-judgment, and respect.

Ancestral Vision Movement performs original pieces that fuse traditional Philippine dances and hip hop/contemporary dance styles from America. They have performed at events like Filipino AF and Tuesday Night Cafe, local festivals like the Larry Itliong Day Festival and the Long Beach Filipino Festival, and at premiere shows like Grand Performances at the LAX International Airport.