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Ancestral Vision Movement is proud to present our new weekly workshop series! From September to November, every Tuesday at 6 PM PST we'll have a different facilitator bringing you a movement workshop that will get you feeling present in your mind, body, and spirit. Our facilitators consist of AVM company members and outside collaborators from all over the country. 

This fall 2020 season, we have movement artists from all kinds of disciplines ready to share their process and craft with you. 

Fall 2020 Workshop Facilitators

Ally Vega
(teaching on 9/1, 9/29, 10/27)
Ally Vega is a choreographer, performer, and dance educator based in Los Angeles, CA. She has performed alongside artists such as Gingee, Bohan Phoenix, Guy Tang, and Nitemrkt and has been featured on NBC Asian America and Buzzfeed. She's directed, produced, and choreographed for live shows at Anime Expo, and has choreographed for musical comedies like Supportive White Parents, which has shown at Second City Hollywood and Upright Citizens Brigade. Nowadays, Ally creates what she calls "Filipino folk fusion" pieces where she blends traditional Filipino dances with hip hop. She is the founder and executive director of Ancestral Vision Movement. Her company has performed at shows and festivals all around Southern California, and in venues such as the LAX Tom Bradley International Airport.

Ally will be teaching Walang Hiya Yoga. Walang Hiya, which is Tagalog for no shame, is an open level Hatha/Vinyasa yoga class where we'll invite shame to sit with us on the mat in order to burn and transmute the energy back into Mother Earth.

Fred Mayor (teaching on 9/8, 10/6, 11/3)
Fred is a Virginia Beach, VA native and has been living in Los Angeles since 2014. Back in VA he spent 3 years performing at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as well as taught for 5 years at several dance studios around his home town. While in LA Fred worked closely with Ray Basa/Club House, Lorena V, Viktor Manoel & Kumari Suraj gaining more knowledge in House & Whacking. Fred currently dances for Culture Shock Los Angeles, directs Future Shock Los Angeles(a CSLA youth program), & co-hosts Whacking Wednesday Sessions. Fred also has a career in body work with 3 years of massage experience & starting a new venture in fitness training.

Fred will be teaching Strength in Freedom, a class dedicated to finding freedom in movement by conditioning & strengthening the body in patterns that can be beneficial for anyone. Fred has organized his workshops into the following schedule:


Class 1 - Upper Body: emphasis on Whacking/Punking


Class 2 - Lower Body: emphasis on House/floor work


Class 3 - Full Body

Crystle Dino (9/15, 10/13, 11/10)

Crystle Dino is a queer Pinay Chicago native guided by her passions in the
visual, performance, and healing arts rooted in community and her cultural upbringings.  She practices as a folk art therapist, performance and visual artist, mover & dancer, cultural worker, and youth development worker. She embodies her freedom by training in Filipino Martial Arts and dance and utilizes the concepts of Chicago House culture of freedom, love, and empowerment, as well as the Babaylan consciousness as foundation and impetus for her practices.


Crystle has developed a decolonial practice as their personal arsenal of empowerment, healing, and connection, and in her findings she would like to share this practice, especially with other queer, wom*n of color who are seeking to process through their own experiences in a body-centered approach with the foundation that self-determination precedes self-preservation.  She is focused on cultivating this intersectional approach to FMA to guide people in reconnecting with their internal sources, as well as to re-member in a community setting.  This creates a safe sense of community through a body-centered practice in learning to defend the self and community, one that is inclusive and validating of the full life experiences of all participants.  We create a new dimension with our bodies, and no soul is saved without the body.

Art Therapy is a Practice; it is Personal, and it is Political.

Crystle will be teaching FMA Re:Sourcing the Body
Freedom. Movemeant. Alignment. is a community care space to Empower, Sustain, Uplift, and Embody personal power and agency through the decolonial practice of Filipino Martial Arts, movement exploration, and somatic awareness processing.  These sessions are focused on listening to our bodies, enhancing our sensitivities to our surroundings and locations, and embodying new methods and movements based on Filipino Martial Arts through whole heart exploration.  Together we will co-create a space in sharing knowledge, sharpening our weapons of voice, body, and spirit, while expanding and taking up space within and around our bodies.  Come to session, get ready to empower yourself and be your own medicine!

FMA Motto
I choose to Be Free.
I choose to Move and Be Moved.
I choose to Be in Alignment with my Truth.
Feel this grace up in your face, Suckkkaaah!


*Note: this space has infinite amounts of changing rooms for those who want to unlearn, relearn, understand, remember, explore, and Be, and absolutely no room for white supremacy and all types of oppression.  We will sweat. 

Tori Cristi (9/22, 10/20, 11/17)
Tori Cristi is an artist, educator & professional dedicated to cultivating brave spaces, elevating multicultural stories, & empowering individuals to achieve their highest level of growth. She aims to serve people from all walks of life through the creation of purpose-driven art and the provision of accessible, high-quality dance education & community events.

Tori will be teaching Navigating Narratives - A movement based approach. Navigating Narratives is a class that encourages the translation of inner dialogue into physical movement. Utilizing movement as a tool for expression, class members will explore the movement mechanics using dance forms such as Whacking, Hip Hop, and Creative Movement. In addition to this, introspective work such as meditative practice, writing exercises, and dialogue will be implemented to dive deeper into individual personal stories. 


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